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Our Mission
Transparency and Education
All of our team members have experienced loss and sacrifice through our military service, which is why our primary mission is to tell the stories of those fighting on the ground as unbiased and transparently as possible. While we each have our own personal biases, we hold each other accountable to the facts of the stories and how they impact the individuals involved. For the last 13 years we have had the unique opportunity to show war in its most brutal and honest form, which at times can be difficult to watch, even for us. However, our hope is that unlike our generation and generations past, the next will be better informed as to what it means to send our sons and daughters into an armed conflict. By broadcasting brutal conflicts uncensored in near real-time, we weaken the impact of political propaganda through the mainstream media and entertainment industry, which we believe will result in better informed personal and political decision making in the future.
Josh Brooks
Josh is an American writer and former United States Marine Corps infantry machine gunner with eight years of experience in ground combat arms throughout the Global War on Terror. He is currently based out of Texas and writes for Funker530 and has published works on Amazon. Follow Josh on OfficialJoshBrooks.com.
Will Killmore
Will is a US Army combat infantry veteran and purple heart recipient. He has deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan with the 172nd Stryker Brigade and 173rd Airborne Brigade. Will continues to deploy to conflict zones through Global Surgical Medical Support Group, most recently to Kyiv in the summer of 2022. Will has been writing for Funker530 since 2014.
Cam served as an infantry officer in the Marine Corps, deploying to the Horn of Africa and participating in combat operations in Iraq. He currently works in the maritime industry and in the defense sector as an instructor of combined arms planning and operations. An avid sailor, Cam founded and directs Triumph Sailing, a nonprofit that supports veterans and first responders through adventure and fellowship on the water.
Scott "Funker"
Scott founded Funker530 in 2008, and has led the project through many evolutions. Scott started Funker530 with footage from his deployment to Kandahar in 2008 as a light machine gunner with the Canadian Forces. Scott operates Funker530 from a rural property, raising his family to enjoy hunting, fishing, and managing a small hobby farm.
Cole Simms
Cole Simms is an Air Guardsman, NASA enthusiast, police officer, and security contractor with particular experience in austere environments. Outside of work, he volunteers as a Stop The Bleed instructor for area schools. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
Ronnie Adkins
Host and Partner Manager
Ronnie is a US Army Intelligence and Information Operations veteran. Ronnie deployed twice to Afghanistan, first as a driver, and second with the 75th Ranger Regiment as an Information Operations Chief. Ronnie is a full-time content creator on the Funker530 platform, as well as his own YouTube channel.

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