YPG Uses Silenced Pistol To Assassinate Jihadist Off Motorcycle

first published on July 1, 2017 by

The Syrian Kurdish YPG Press Office released a video reportedly showing the assassination of a Turkish-backed jihadist riding a motorcycle in the Jandaris district of Afrin on June 24th, 2018.


The video starts out being recorded by a multitasking driver, cameraman, and assassin as he patiently waits for the oncoming target. He briefly brandishes his pistol for the camera, which appears to be a suppressed Beretta M9.

He takes a single shot as the rider nears to within a few feet. The rider doesn’t make any flinching movements at the report of the weapon, but veers of the road, striking a tree, and the video ends.

A Video Showing A Terrorist Of The Turkish Backed Group Faylaq al-Sham Being Shot At While Driving A Motorcycle On A Road From Jandaris District Of #Afrin On June 24th


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