YPG Ambushed by Daesh and Swiftly Counter-Attack

first published on April 28, 2017 by

YPG blast Daesh positions in a swift and aggressive counter-attack and also feature a western volunteer.

Recent footage of a failed Daesh attack on the outskirts Tabqa is met with a swift People’s Protection Units (YPG) & Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) counter attack which foreshadowed a larger YPG lead, SDF assault to clear Tabqa and flush out the lingering Daesh resistance. The capture of the strategic dam and city of Tabqa is essential to the anticipated encirclement and offensive operations pending against Raqqa, the self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic State (IS) caliphate.


The SDF reports that its troops repelled a Daesh assault this past Sunday and quickly organized a counter-attack. Kurdish media additionally reports that this past Monday a large, and expectantly final operation to clear and hold Tabqa has begun.

This video highlights the sophisticated tactical competence of the Kurds compared to most factions operating in the conflict; and the importance of their leadership amongst the SDF. Though described as SDF, the fighters on the rooftop appear to be YPG members. The tell-tale green digital pattern uniforms worn by several of the fighters are common amongst Kurdish fighters; in addition to women fighters and an obvious western volunteer are another giveaway. A standout blonde haired fighter rocking some Viet-Cong guerilla style PJ’s, is seen prior to some spoken English, probably American or Canadian judging by the accent.

The YPG element quickly establishes itself on a rooftop and begins accurate and aimed (for the most part) suppression against their attackers. Loopholes are chiseled out and effectively used while other shooters seem to have a good system of “shoot and move” under the defilade of the rooftop wall. Deterring the attack, the SDF immediately goes on the offensive with infantry and armored vehicles under the established support by fire positions. These guys hit back hard and aggressively, blasting enemy positions with RPG’s before easily advancing and clearing several hundred yards of territory at the conclusion of the video.

Accurate suppression and sound tactical decisions are notions that are consistently and frustratingly lacking on the battlefields of Iraq and Syria. Most factions are little better trained or disciplined than a well-armed mob. To see a unit in the region operating capable and soundly, is rare and refreshing and this video is also a testament to the discipline, training, and leadership of the Kurds who have shouldered a large burden in this conflict. Now all they need to do, is find blondie a keffiyeh…