Footage of Yemen’s National Army on the Offensive Against the Houthi Rebels

first published on April 7, 2019 by

Recently released footage of Yemen’s national army purportedly on the offensive, clearing Houthi positions in a village with modern weapons. Violence continues in the tiny country on several crucial fronts as the deadly war continues to drag on.

Often referred to as the “Hadi” forces, Yemen’s government and military are currently under the command of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi – who was ousted from the nation’s capital of Sana’a back in 2015 by the Houthi Rebels and has been subsequently supported by the Saudi-led coalition.

The government troops utilize a South Korean Raybolt ATGM missile, which the Saudi’s purchased in 2018 and a large caliber rotary cannon, likely a 20mm or possible 25mm. The troops have mounted the typically uncommon weapon system on a lightweight truck in the familiar “technical” style. But this unsophisticated configuration forces them to fire the recoil intensive gun on single shot, defeating the entire purpose of a multi-barreled cannon and its ability to saturate a target with rounds.


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