Yemeni Soldiers Overwhelm Houthi Position in Close Combat

first published on January 31, 2019 by

Footage recorded in Yemen shows the dramatic moment that Yemeni Soldiers overtake a Houthi position in the mountains through close combat.


Normally footage coming out of Yemen involving the Houthi Rebels shows decisive victories against Saudi and Yemeni troops by the rebel faction. Often this is because Saudi and Yemeni troops are left in over-exposed positions with no fire support, and not even close to enough troops to hold the position they are defending. It is rare that we see the opposite in footage coming from the region, as the Houthi rebels are generally the attacking force up in the mountains.

What you are about to see is footage of an operation conducted by government troops in the Seventh Military Zone. It is filmed from a safe distance, and shows the moment that a group of Soldiers suppress and decisively overwhelm a group of Houthi Rebels who are holding a key piece of terrain as an observation post. The video, which is only a few minutes long, shows the group of Yemeni Soldiers scaling the side of an almost vertical rock face in order to get to their objective and eliminate the Houthi Rebels up top who are firing down on them.

The video ends just before the last standing Houthi Rebel is pushed into an alternate position, where he is reportedly killed by the Yemeni Soldiers.


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