Yemeni Military In Fierce Clashes At Grenade Range With Houthi Rebels

first published on January 3, 2017 by

A group of Houthi rebels lose a fortified position to the Yemeni military while in a fierce gunfight at extremely close range.

When you initially hear the term “combat footage,” this is exactly what you expect to see. Two sides going toe-to-toe at grenade throwing range on opposite sides of a small field of war. Bullets flying both directions, grenades being tossed back and forth, individual fighters sticking their muzzle over the sandbags of the enemies position, and firing directly into their lines chewing up and spewing out chunks of human flesh.

This is the type of madness you expect to see on the battlefield when you hear about great combat footage, and sometimes this is the exact chaos you get to see in the 21st century of war.


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