War Rages in Yemen at Another Weakly Defended Base

first published on May 29, 2018 by

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) attacks a large, yet weakly defended compound in Yemen and easily chases off the defenders from several hundred meters away without even trying.

The relatively small but thoroughly disruptive al-Qaeda sect, AQAPtagged Anṣar al-Shari’ah in the Arabian Peninsula in this video – released a rather bizarre but aggravating video of an apparent harassment attack on a large and seemingly well-constructed Saudi-coalition or Yemeni government facility.

The concrete building surrounded by a perimeter wall, Hesco barriers, and an Entry Control Point (ECP) bunker sits just below a road somewhere in the rugged Yemeni mountains. The militants initiate a fairly typical harassment attack, staging roughly 500 meters away in some rocky ditches armed with various small-arms and a recoilless gun.

They open fire from their concealed positions and quickly score several recoilless hits on the exterior of the building. They worthlessly spray tracer-laden machine-gun fire all over the hillside and base – revealing their position in the process.

Easily following the tracers back to the militants, the ECP briefly returns fire with a heavy weapon and temporarily pins them down. However, after only a single exchange of fire between the two, the ECP aggravatingly ceases fire for the duration of the attack. Barely any return fire is heard from the compound through the entirety of the video, despite the obviousness of the militant location.

Free from retaliatory fire, AQAP continues to engage the building but seemingly incurs no significant damage. Even with the attacker’s stationary several hundred meters away, the defenders begin to abandon good sense and the base. The video concludes as multiple troops flee out the rear exit of the compound and effectively conceded the position to the jihadist’s.

Note: This video has been altered from its original version. It has been edited and condensed to reduce its propaganda value and sermonizing jihadist content.


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