Yemen Troops Successfully Assault Houthi Hilltop With Grenades

first published on February 14, 2018 by

Video from Yemen shows Yemen National Army troops assault a Houthi hilltop fighting position and eventually neutralize their foe with hand grenades.

In the video you can see both the Yemen troops as well as the Houthi fighters. They trade small arms fire at close range, but the steep and rough terrain blocks the projectiles from hitting their intended target.

The assault is carried out in a proficient manner by the Yemeni troops. Their suppressive fire keeps the heads of the Houthi fighters pinned down. They are so frightened by the incoming fire that they refuse to expose themselves to fire at the approaching troops.

Instead, the rebels stick their rifles over the the top of their covered firing positions and blindly spray ineffective rounds in random directions. This allows the advancing government troops to get within hand grenade range without the threat of being shot.

Soon one soldier from the advancing party tosses a well-aimed grenade right into the fighting position. It explodes and they use the opportunity to gain additional ground. No return enemy fire can be seen after the grenade explosion. The defending Houthis were either killed or wounded by the grenade or were forced to abandon their fighting position.

To simplify, the three-year-old conflict in Yemen is a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, with additional parties (i.e. al Qaeda, US Government, etc…) involved to exert and expand regional influence.


The mostly poor Yemeni people are suffering from one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises with no access to the basic necessities of food and water. Over 2 million people have been displaced by the fighting, 85,000 of those just in the last two months as the fighting continues to escalate.