Nighttime Ammo Dump in Yemen Resembles Sci-Fi Intergalactic Battle

first published on July 31, 2018 by

Nighttime ammo dump by the Houthi rebels in Yemen closely resembles an intergalactic sci-fi battle – with an absolutely staggering amount of sustained tracer fire directed at a coalition mountaintop position, and amazingly lasting until dawn.

Houthi rebels on Tatooine… I mean in Yemen, attack a Saudi-led coalition outpost on a dominant mountain and saturate it throughout the final few hours of darkness in a sustained torrent of tracer fire. The sheer volume of the ammo dump with seemingly endless red lasers streaking cuts through the darkness is quite amazing – though thoroughly wasteful.

The more video’s that come out of Yemen, the more it resembles and becomes analogous to something out of the sci-fi classic Star Wars. Obviously orbiting too close to the sun, the perpetually scorched nation and wholly unforgiving landscape is home to violent groups of sand people. Dwelling in its deepest recesses of the vast deserts, these chapped sandal wearers launch attacks, grunt in animalistic sounds, and always try to “conceal their numbers” before disappearing.

Their technologically advanced opposition in the Saudi-led coalition, with some the most modern and futuristic military hardware available, often appear to have the tactical wit of a droid and care little for the well-being of their “troopers”. With neither side ostensibly able to hit anything with “blasters” and an abundance of tracer ammunition providing the laser-light effects, Yemen truly is the low-rent middle eastern version of the beloved sci-fi franchise.


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