“Yarmouk: Hell In Damascus” Spectacular War Footage

first published on May 11, 2018 by

Another visually spectacular video release by Russia’s ANNA news agency documents the brutality of combat operations in an urban environment.

Syrian regime forces continue to smash their way into the Damascus borough of Yarmouk, as they attempt to liberate the last-remaining rebel stronghold near the capital.

The entrenched Islamic State fighters have so far refused any peace truce that would allow them to leave the city disarmed but alive.

Various rebel groups recently ousted from Eastern Ghouta accepted the peace agreement and were bussed out of Damascus. Most of those rebels have been taken into Afrin and al Bab by Turkish forces where they are being housed, rearmed, and repatriated into the Turkey’s proxy FSA units.

If ISIS in Yarmouk does accept a peace deal, these hardline psychopaths will likely be laundered into Turkish proxy units and redistributed out across Syria and elsewhere. The world will be better off if they choose to fight to the death in Yarmouk.

The following footage, recorded from the air and ground, shows SAA armor, infantry, and artillery rockets absolutely rubbling the Islamic State stronghold.