Insurgent Creates New X-Games Category After Artillery Strike

first published on September 2, 2016 by

An Iraqi insurgent goes fully airborne as an artillery strike launches him into the stratosphere. Welcome to the X-Games, Insurgent style.

When it comes to human flight, terrorists from both Iraq and Afghanistan have been in open competition. Each group has repeatedly tried to break each others records, and even ISIS has stepped into the ring to try and win. Airborne insurgencies around the world however, have had tough competition as the record has been held by a single man for a long time.

In order to compete, all you have to do is sign up at your nearest jihad recruiting station. From there, you will be transported to the front lines, and you have to stand by. Once the artillery starts raining down on your position, you have to maneuver to the closest impact area. The insurgent who flies the highest, unassisted by anything other than the artillery fire, wins.

No one will ever defeat this man. Artillery insurgent actual is the highest flying terrorist of all time.


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