Man Parks WWII Sherman Tank In Front Of House, HOA Furious

first published on February 24, 2018 by

A Texas man threw his local homeowners association into a tizzy after he parked an authentic WWII M4 Sherman tank on the street in front of his house.

Tony Buzbee purchased the fully functional steel beast from a French museum last year for $600,000, and then temporarily parked it on the street in front of his house until he could get it moved to his rural ranch land.

Buzbee claims the tank is an authentic combat veteran, saying that it hit the beaches of Normandy four days after D Day and went on to liberate Europe from the Nazis. It took the tank a year to make it to his house in an affluent Houston neighborhood.

The homeowners association has sent Buzbee threatening letters saying that the Sherman impedes traffic and is a safety issue. According to to the neighbors interviewed, they do not share the view of the HOA, and think the tank is a great addition to their neighborhood.

Buzbee is a lawyer that claims that he is doing nothing wrong according to local ordinances. It’s unclear from the video and various news articles what the grounds for the arguments are, but many HOAs have rules that state large objects like campers and boats cannot remain parked on the street for certain periods of time, and Buzbee is likely arguing that the tank is just another vehicle.


“I guess they could ticket it. I guess they could try to tow it, but the truth is, until I decide to move it, it ain’t going anywhere.”


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