WWII-era B-17 Flying Fortress Crashes, 7 Killed And Multiple Injured

first published on October 3, 2019 by

At least seven people were killed, and at least six more were injured, some of them critically, when a WWII-era B-17 “Flying Fortress” crashed and erupted into flames at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Conn. on Wednesday.

According to reports, the aircraft had just taken off when the pilots reported an engine problem that wouldn’t allow them to gain altitude, so they attempted to land at the airport. Upon touchdown, the pilot lost control and the aircraft struck a shed near the runway, erupting into flames. The aircraft was likely full of extremely combustible fuel so early into a flight.

Connecticut Public Safety Commissioner James Rovella said that remains of those on board were so severely burned that they were extremely hard to identify. At least six people were taken to the hospital, and three of them were in critical condition.

The plane had long been retired from military service and was in the service of “Wings of Freedom” vintage aircraft display, which allows aviation enthusiasts to take short flights and experience the historical aircraft in action.