WW2 Aerial Combat: Brutal Dog Fights Over Japan

first published on December 23, 2015 by

Color combat footage from the gun-cameras mounted on WW2 era aircraft shows how intense, and brutal dog fights were in Japanese air-space.

Dog fighting was serious business, and this video proves it. In this archived footage, taken from the nose of American aircraft, we see just how intense and brutal these aerial conflicts could become.

In this footage, from 1:19 until 1:35 we see an American aircraft making a pass on an enemy pilot in his parachute. There has been some debate if the American pilot was firing at the Japanese pilot parachuting to the ground.

Brutal Pilot

It was common practice to not fire at downed pilots parachuting to safety. This was primarily due to The Hague Rules of Air Warfare, developed shortly after the first World War ended. This publication of rules however was never placed into law, and was only considered a code of ethics for pilots.

It wasn’t until the 1949 Geneva Convention update that an actual law was put into place about firing at parachuting pilots. This was a direct result of abuses committed by both Axis and Allied pilots during World War 2.

Here’s an interview with the Pilot in question, explaining his actions against the downed Japanese pilot, and I would have done the same thing if I were in his shoes.


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