Wounded Warrior Project’s Terrible Spending Habits Exposed

first published on January 27, 2016 by

A recent CBS news investigation dug deep into the Wounded Warrior Project’s spending habits, and what they found is absolutely disgusting.

Wounded Warrior Project has once again found themselves backpedaling from the center of attention. A CBS news investigation dug into their spending habits, and found that the company has only been spending about 60 percent of their donations on the people they are claiming to assist.

That might seem great, primarily because we have seen them do good in the past. Programs like Project Odyssey, The Soldier Ride, Warriors to Work, and the assistance they have provided disabled veterans inside of their homes have done a lot of good. But when you compare that number of 60 percent to other respectable charities such as the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust, who spend 96 percent of their donations on vets, you kind of get the feeling that they could be doing A LOT more.

So where is the other 40 percent going?

This isn’t the first time the organization has come under fire either. In the past they have been the center of controversy for several reasons. There’s the simple fact that their CEO brings in a salary of $375,000 annually, and then there was that time they sued a smaller veteran charity for using a logo similar to their own.

Here’s an organization that has stepped in, and claimed that they’re going to help. In reality, the only people they are helping are the ones they can publicize to help themselves, and they’re using the blood of every wounded warrior they claim to help to turn a profit on the side.

The time for this organization to change is now. No more pulling a profit off of the back of our wounded and disabled brothers and sisters. Speak with your wallets, cancel any future donations, and stop purchasing things with the Wounded Warrior Project logo on it until they fix their terrible spending habits, and become the non-profit wounded warriors deserve.


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