Worst AA Team Ever Pretend To Shoot Down Helicopter

first published on March 8, 2016 by

A low flying helicopter is taking inaccurate AA fire from a group of Syrian rebels. After it flies over the horizon, the rebels pretend they are victorious.

Watch this video very closely, and make the decision for yourself. I for one am inclined to believe that the rebels are simply pretending to shoot down this aircraft. At no point in their attack does it look like they actually score a single hit on the air frame as it appears to be on course to land.

As soon as the helicopter goes over the horizon, we get a nifty jump cut (watch closely around 1:41 in the video) and the camera is suddenly pointing at a different point on the horizon. Shortly after that, all the chanting begins, and an on-cue explosion is seen. Good job with the pretend shoot down, but we know you’re lying.

This is quite possibly the worst display of anti-aircraft gunnery we have ever seen. How do you miss a low flying aircraft, that is moving super slow as it prepares to land?

Clearly this was being recorded as it would have been an excellent victory to show off. Unfortunately for these guys, they missed their opportunity. Why miss out on good propaganda though?

Go light some tires on fire over a similar horizon with a small explosive, and then record yourself chanting that you won. Surely no one will notice a small jump cut right?

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