Turkish Troops Get Ambushed By World’s Worst PKK Sniper

first published on April 24, 2017 by

A convoy of Turkish troops is ambushed by the world’s worst PKK Sniper. The sniper fires a lot of rounds at the troops, but never hits a single thing.

This video is another episode of “Try not to cringe challenge: Combat Edition.” First, the Turkish troops have probably the slowest reaction time in the history of the world. The sniper is firing at them for a good while before they react to contact and try to get back to cover. Then, the sniper maintains line of sight and continues firing, but never actually hits anything. The more I watched this video, the more I was just waiting for one of the troops to get shot. For a moment it appears that one of them is hit, but a few seconds later he gets up and continues his retreat to the armored vehicles.

On a plus side, the only living thing in this video that actually matters survives. Assault Doge actual manages to get to cover faster than any of the Turkish troops, and that made me smile. Assault Doge is the true hero of this video. Watch as he leads from the front and the soldiers follow his lead in the video below.

Note: When I use the term sniper, the term is used very loosely. I am not saying that the individual taking pot shots at the Turkish troops is a trained HOG, simply that he is a single individual with a rifle attempting to take aimed shots at troops in the open from a concealed position.


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