World’s Luckiest Tank Mechanic Survives Direct Hit

first published on November 20, 2015 by

Watch this tank mechanic narrowly escape with his life after the tank he is repairing gets destroyed.

Ever had one of those days where everything is going absolutely wrong? That’s probably what this guy was thinking, as the tank he was doing battlefield maintenance on, eats an RPG round. To top it off, not only did he catch a concussion from the RPG-29 blast, he probably got a pretty gnarly sunburn from that cook-off.

That’s a pretty crazy hit. As the RPG-29 round impacts with the tank’s turret, the over-pressure forces the explosion out of both the hatch, and barrel. This happens because of over-pressure. More than likely the tanks crew had their main-gun breech open. As everything inside of the tank cooked off, a huge flame was sent up, and out of the hatch, and the smoke was then pushed out of the barrel at a high rate of speed.

Tank Mechanic 1

Imagine being this mechanic for a second. You’re laying underneath of your Cold-War era tank, smashing on random engine parts with a wrench. After a few minutes of cursing out the infernal machine, a massive concussion rocks your entire world. Then all of a sudden it’s extremely hot. As you climb out from underneath your tank, you see the flames. Out of nowhere a crescendo of machine gun fire surrounds you, while you run frantically to the nearest piece of cover you can find.

This guy got pretty lucky, but I don’t think the rest of his tank crew survived.


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