World’s Greatest RPG Shot Takes Out Two Saudi Soldiers

first published on February 10, 2017 by

A Houthi rebel lands what has to be the world’s greatest RPG shot, and kills two Saudi Arabian soldiers that are standing post.

When you watch this video, do so with skepticism. There are only two possibilities in this video, and we will let you decide the reality of the situation for yourself.

Situation 1: This is in fact the world’s greatest RPG shot, and this Houthi Rebel is the world’s greatest RPG gunner point blank period.

Situation 2: This was not an RPG shot at all, and just a quick piece of propaganda thrown together by the video editing team that works for these guys.

Either way, someone do the math on the distance traveled by tracking the time from when the rocket was launched until it hit the target. Get back to us on Facebook with the total distance, so we can figure out if this shot is even remotely possible.


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