How To Win A Gunfight – Afghanistan Firefight Footage

first published on March 16, 2018 by

A squad of Soldiers are ambushed by the Taliban deep in Afghanistan. They teach the Taliban a lesson they won’t soon forget. In order to win a firefight, you have to come to the field of battle prepared to turn the violence volume knob up to 11. If you can’t come to a gunfight with that mentality, you might as well stay at home and keep playing Counter-Strike. You’re only going to lose otherwise.


Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Fire Superiority as: fire superior in effect to that of the enemy; also : the degree of such superiority. In the world of scholars and officers this means that you are putting out more fire than your enemy, giving you the upper-hand in battle. In practice, this means that you put your junk up on the table to show your enemy that yours is in fact bigger and better than his. You shove that junk so far down the enemy’s throat that he can’t breath without the fear of some of your ammunition finding its way into his brain housing group. You terrify your enemy into conceding the fight, and if he doesn’t outright concede, he dies.

The first step to winning a gun fight with your enemy is to simply win the gun fight through superior fire power. You bring everything you have to the table and you drop it directly on top of your enemy’s head. Out-going fire should dwarf incoming fire by a ridiculous scale, and it needs to be accurate. Once you have achieved fire superiority in a gun fight, you will realize that you are free to maneuver in any direction that you want, at any time you want. There isn’t anything your enemy can do about your movements, because the second he pokes his head out to spot your movements, the front of his face turns into a real nasty mushy red banana peel.

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Some people might say that we lost the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam. In the grand scheme of things, they aren’t totally wrong. We lost, or are losing in those conflicts because politicians thousands of miles away from the battle are making bad decisions. They’re making those bad decisions based off of the general consensus of a group of people who have either forgotten about the conflicts entirely, or oppose them completely because they never fully understood the reasons for the conflict in the first place. A loss in those places might not be too far from the truth, but there is one thing that definitely cannot be attributed to that loss.

For certain, we can say that our troops in the field did not lose the fight they were sent to. In fact, our Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen decisively won almost every single fight they were ever involved in with the terror organizations they were up against. They won those fights through their pure aggression and skill on the battlefield. They won those fights through superior firepower and technical prowess in war. The American War Machine, along with all of her allies, are without a doubt, the most devastating group of warriors anywhere in the world. The next war that is fully supported by political figure heads, and the public of countries involved will end quickly. When the leash is removed from these men, nothing can stop them.


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