Why Soldiers Miss War

first published on September 11, 2015 by

Returning home from a combat tour is an extremely confusing experience to say the least. For the duration of your tour you are looking forward to getting home, seeing your family, and drinking that first beer. But for most, all the built up excitement and expectation of a glorious home coming is snuffed out by an overwhelming feeling of emptiness.

When I came back from my first tour to Panjwai, Kandahar I found myself sitting in my basement wide awake on the first night, browsing through photos and videos from the place I had wanted to get away from for the past 7 months. Within 12 hours of getting home, I was already missing it. The question I couldn’t answer at that time was “What about tour was I missing?”. It definitely wasn’t the heat, boredom, locals, sand flies, IED’s, mortars, rations, Thursdays, etc…so what was it?

The majority of grunts will tell you that they miss the adrenaline you can only find in a firefight, which is definitely true for most, but I believe Sebastian Junger hits the nail on the head with this incredible Ted Talk.


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