Coalition White Phosphorus Artillery Rounds Light Up ISIS In Raqqa

first published on June 9, 2017 by

Various videos coming out of Raqqa apparently show coalition (most likely USMC) M825 155mm white phosphorus artillery smoke rounds raining down on Islamic State positions in their now besieged de facto capital of ar Raqqa, Syria.

white phosphorus artillery

The M825A1 White Phosphorus shell deploys 116 WP inoculated felt wedges that provide smoke screening for about 5-10 minutes over a 125-250 meter area that obscures enemy vision or screens maneuvering friendly elements.

According to our sources, Islamic State has suffered catastrophic losses in and around Raqqa. The Division 17 military complex to the north is now under Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) control, as well as a strategic sugar factory.

Additional unconfirmed reports from our sources indicated that US Army Rangers annihilated ISIS inside Raqqa’s Mashlab neighborhood, killing 87 fighters in a matter of just few hours without taking any serious casualties.


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