Where are all these ISIS Toyota’s coming from?

first published on October 7, 2015 by

Toyota says that they are working with the US Treasury Department to find out where ISIS is getting all of their trucks.

Someone has finally put two and two together and decided it was high time to figure out how ISIS is getting all of these Toyota Hilux pickup trucks. Toyota announced recently that they have a strict policy to not sell pickup trucks to groups who intend to use the trucks for paramilitary or terrorist activities. They have also made the statement that they have strict policies in effect to prevent their products from being used for these activities.


If you really stop and think about it you find yourself asking a few questions. “Why didn’t we think of this with Al-Qaeda in the past? What’s Toyota’s next move as a company? How will the findings impact the international effort against ISIS?”

I’d love to read what the audience thinks up for answers. Personally I believe that no one ever thought of this approach before because no other terror organization has used propaganda as intensely as ISIS. Toyota on the other hand, they’ve got some serious PR to catch up on. I’m also hoping that the research leads us into the rabbit hole of the ISIS supply chain and enables us to start attacking that supply line. Let’s hear those thoughts and opinions.


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