When You Can’t Open The Door, Use A Track Instead

first published on November 8, 2015 by

Grunts are having a little bit of an issue opening a door, so this track lends a helping hand.

Sometimes the door just wont open, and you have to admit defeat. Or you can call up your friendly neighborhood trackers, and they’ll come push the door over for you. This is one of those moments where everyone stops, and throws the trackers a little bit of love for being around, exactly when you need them.

We can’t hear what’s being said on the ground from this angle, but I imagine this is kind of how it played out.

Squad Leader: “Stack up, Ramirez kick that door in.”
Ramirez: *kicks door* “I can’t Sergeant, it’s stuck.”
Squad Leader: “What do you mean it’s stuck? Smith go help him.”
Smith: “Okay Sergeant!” *pulls on door* “It’s definitely stuck Sergeant!”
Squad Leader: “It’s not stuck, your just being weak.” *wiggles door handle* “Hmm… okay maybe it’s stuck, now what… I know, Tracker, do that thing!”

I can’t say for sure that this is how it panned out, but in my mind that’s exactly what happened. In all seriousness though, pretty awesome dynamic entry from this group.