What Can The A-10 Warthog Do For You

first published on September 10, 2015 by

Hawg” is a short documentary highlighting the depth of the relationship formed between A-10 Warthog Close Air Support pilots and the combat ground forces they work with daily, but will likely never meet in person.

This video may be an obvious pull-at-the-heart-strings attempt to lobby support for the uncertain longevity of the A-10’s service, but that doesn’t negate the authenticity and accuracy of the message conveyed.

Those that support the A-10, and hope for its continued service need to stop comparing it to the F-35. Although the F-35’s ground support capabilities (and any capabilities for that matter) have been in question, and it’s not likely the F-35 can fill the role of a CAS aircraft, the worst thing you can do is to compare the next generation aircraft to the Warthog. The F-35 is here. There’s nothing that can change that. Too much time and money has been invested, and it’s not a comparison or argument you could ever win. We need to focus on developing a Close Air Support aircraft to cover our troops in direct fire combat, and keep the A-10 alive until that replacement can be developed.


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