Western Volunteer & SDF Having Fun with Islamic State Marksmen

first published on March 10, 2018 by

A Western volunteer fighting with the SDF has some fun with one of the oldest tricks in the book – Exposing a helmet on a stick to draw out an Islamic State marksman.

A western volunteer finds one of those rare instances in which the humble grunt can kick his feet up, rest his dogs, and still outwit his adversary. Finding a comfy spot on a couch, he easily flushes out an Islamic State marksman with one of the oldest tricks in the book – a helmet on a stick.

Slowly moving his hasty deception to the window, it pretends to cautiously peak out like a curious soldier. Quickly acquired by an enemy marksman, the first shot rings out after the helmet has been exposed for just a few moments. The round impacts high, initially startling the volunteer and his comrade. He quickly lowers the dummy, as the duo breaks into laughter.

A few seconds later a second shot rings out, again passing harmlessly through the window and inciting more laughter from the SDF troops. Finally, a third shot can be heard, possibly an SDF counter-sniper engaging the now outed IS marksman.

Finding a comfortable spot to rest your exhausted body is a rare and cherished luxury for combat troops on or near the front lines. Even if that comfy spot is just a few inches from danger, it’s totally worth it. If you can put your feet up, have a laugh, and help kill a piss-poor Islamic State marksman, well that’s getting close to grunt nirvana.