Western SOF and SDF Neutralize ISIS SVBIED, Evacuate Civilians

first published on February 7, 2017 by

Western SOF, embedded with Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), defend forward positions from an Islamic State suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive device on the Raqqa front of the battle against ISIS in Syria.

The Western commando can be seen operating a FGM-148 fire-and-forget “Javelin” missile as the Kurdish-led SDF fire small arms and rocket propelled grenades at an approaching car bomb. After it is neutralized, the video cuts to a scene of civilians rushing to escape Da’esh-held ground. One of the suspected civilians is suffering from multiple life-threatening wounds, but it is unclear if they were inflicted by ISIS, or if the SDF engaged the man as he neared their perimeter. They immediately begin treating his wounds as soon as they have him behind cover.

The situation appears to have taken on a newly advanced coalition position on the front lines, just outside of an enemy-held town. The heavy excavating equipment suggest that they had just pushed forward onto new ground in the open desert and hastily began pushing berms into place to protect them from direct fire weaponry as they surround the town before laying siege.