Western Backed Rebels Hand Over Weapons To Al Qaeda

first published on March 14, 2016 by

The headquarters of a Western backed rebel group known as the 13th Division of the Free Syrian Army was reportedly raided by al Nusra Front, al Qaeda’s Syrian branch. The Nusra Front jihadists plundered the rebel group’s weapons, including several BGM-71 TOM missiles.


It is unclear as to why the al Qaeda group would attack the FSA unit, as they have fought together as allies against Assad regime forces in the recent past. Yet, the move isn’t a surprising one, for we have seen the Nusra fighters turn on Harakat Hazm, a different Western-backed group, last year, forcing them to disband. Many of the Hazm fighters either joined the jihadists or other rebel groups.

The Nusra Front took to social media, saying that their actions were in response to the 13 Division’s raids on the homes of Nusra Front members. The tweet went on to call for unity in Sunni rebel groups against Assad’s forces and to those helping him.


The situation in Syria has become increasingly dynamic in recent days, most notably with Russia beginning to pull their troops from the region. It is unclear if this play by the al Qaeda group’s handlers was in response to, or in preparation for, Russia’s withdrawal.

The following video is a heavily-biased Russian state television report of how they perceive the incident. However, since Western media and Pentagon officials are mostly ignoring the incident in regards to the American people, this is the story that will be told.


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