“Welcome to Rio de Janeiro” – Brazil’s Special Operators Cleaning Up

first published on March 12, 2019 by

There are many groups of serious criminals in Brazil. Outside of law enforcement, these are the guys taking the fight to them.

Rio de Janeiro

Domestic operations are usually not something that you see a military being tasked with. In Brazil however, there are so many ways for criminal enterprises to survive and thrive that the Special Operations community has been tasked with local law enforcement groups to step in and assist in breaking down these unconventional enemy combatants that are cannibalizing on the nation of Brazil.

The Brazilian Special Operations Command, also known as Comando de Operações Especiais, or C Op Esp, trace their roots back to 1957. Initially founded as a parachute rescue group that conducted deep forest rescue operations, they were disbanded after not seeing much use. It wasn’t until 2003 that the group resurfaced under the Presidential Decree No. 4.289 which brought the group back into action and re purposed them as a true Special Operations Group.

In 2016, the group saw heavy use by the country of Brazil during the Olympic games that were hosted in Rio de Janeiro. Their primary tasking was security for teams and events, while other groups within the C Op Esp were tasked with covert operations in the slums in order to thwart any potential attacks. Again, the group saw heavy action in the aftermath of the hurricane that hit Haiti. As the Haitian people were struggling to survive, groups of guerrilla fighters moved into the area to try and capitalize on the chaos. C Op Esp was used to push them out, while also assisting with peace keeping operations.

The video below was created by the MILITARY CHANNEL on YouTube.


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