Weaponized Lasers On Jets In Just Four Years Time

first published on December 17, 2015 by

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory said it is on track to demonstrate a working laser weapon on fighter jets by 2020.

In a recent story published by CNN, the ARFL has stated that it will have fully weaponized lasers mounted on fighter-jets as soon as 2020. They also have in the works a shield system, that will defend jets in the same fashion as Star Trek. A top ranking US Special Forces Command general wants the lasers on his C-130’s in just 4 years.

Welcome to the future, it begins today.

Lets just stop for a moment, and think about how awesome this concept is. Within the next four or five years, you could potentially be seeing videos of aircraft shrugging off direct AA-missile hits like they never happened. We could very easily be seeing a complete change in the face of aerial combat as this research finishes development.

Jets Shields

While mounting weaponized lasers on military craft is not a new thing, the technological breakthroughs The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory are talking about are extreme. Essentially they are claiming an entire defensive suite on aircraft, that will never run out of ammunition or power, as long as the aircraft is still able to fly.

We’re talking about fighter jets that have the ability to shoot down incoming missiles. Think about aircraft that have the ability to take direct AA missile impacts, and ignore them. If that’s not cool enough, think about AC-130J Ghostrider gunships, raining super heated energy beams down on bad-guys, in support of troops on the ground.

Jets Firing Lasers

Science-fiction may become science-fact in the next four years.

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