The Weakest Turkish 20mm Cannon Of All Time Hits Police Station

first published on July 18, 2016 by

Either this is the weakest 20mm cannon of all time, or this video has been faked to make the coup attempt look more legitimate. I will let you decide.

As you watch this video, I want you to pay special attention to the impact the 20mm cannon has. At one point, a round directly impacts the rear of a vehicle. The suspension doesn’t move, and the glass doesn’t break. Also, I find it almost impossible that a Turkish helicopter pilot would be missing his targets. These guys have been seasoned by years of chasing down the PKK in the deserts, I find it highly unlikely that they are this bad at using their weapon systems.

I have watched this footage at least two dozen times, and the only conclusion I can make is that it has to be fake. Even the muzzle flashes on the small arms seem to be hyper-real. As if they were added in after the video was recorded, or some how enhanced. While the slides on the handguns do cycle properly, the muzzle flash looks exactly the same as the rifles. Let’s also not forget that it appears as if every single round being fired from those weapons is a tracer, and the guys are perfectly centered on the camera.

Here’s the video, you can judge for yourself.

Now, you may not have drawn the same conclusion as me. If you haven’t I would love to see why you think differently in the comments, so head back over to Facebook and lets have a chat about this one.


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