NSFW: Staff Sergeant Old School Gives Watercraft Safety Brief

first published on July 25, 2016 by

A Staff Sergeant of Marines is directed to give his Marines a watercraft safety brief, so he uses Marines as a prop. Hilarity Ensues.

When it comes to giving a safety brief, you do not want to test the waters with your crusty Staff Sergeant. He may deliver a brief that the Marines will not only pay attention to, but also have a good laugh at while learning something.

Someone tasked this Staff Sergeant with giving these Marines a safety brief, so he enlisted the help of some of his war fighters and kicked it. The results may not have been something that the higher chain of command liked, but I guarantee the Marines got more out of this than any other briefs they received.

Warning: If you are in the Air Force, this video is NSFW, all other branches may continue.


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