A-10 Warthog Gun Cam Combat Footage From Afghanistan

first published on October 30, 2017 by

Authentic A-10 Warthog gun cam footage shows a pair of close air support aircraft taking turns striking Taliban positions in Afghanistan.

warthog gun cam

The video is reportedly out of the Tagab Valley and was filmed in 2008. The Tagab District sits in the eastern part of Kapisa Province, Afghanistan. Tagab had been a thorn in ISAF’s side for much of OEF.

French paratroopers and American infantrymen and Special Forces saw extensive fighting in the region at the time of this video.

From the audio we can hear an American combat arms team calling for close air support while under heavy Taliban fire. The pilots and ground unit sort out where the enemy is located and where the friendly troops are position ed to avoid friendly fire.

The Warthogs then conduct strafing runs on the enemy positions. After each pass, the ground unit reports that they are pleased with the accuracy and effects of the fire.


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