Warning Graphic: TOW Missile Devastates 10 Infantrymen

first published on December 7, 2015 by

The Mountain Hawk Brigade of the FSA conducts a TOW strike on Regime Infantrymen. One man survives, nine disappear completely.

A TOW Missile is a dangerous thing, especially for a group infantrymen who have decided to present themselves as a target of opportunity. Out of the ten SAA soldiers in this video, only one survives, meanwhile his nine friends completely disappear.

Note: This video contains graphic images which may not be suitable for all viewers. Images include the dismemberment of soldiers during an explosion. While some may not find this disturbing, others certainly will. Viewer discretion is advised.

Currently the CIA is providing TOW missiles to the FSA. There is a strict requirement on every missile fired. Those requirements include recording the shot, and submitting it to the CIA. As well as returning each expended shell to the location of issue for logging by CIA operatives.

In the past we have logged many of these TOW shots here on Funker530. The amount that we have logged, is only a small fraction of the shots available, and that is for good reason. The FSA has been firing TOWs at anything that moves since the issuance of the weapon system began.

Devastates Fighters

In this instance, I believe the TOW missile team made the right decision. A serious target of opportunity presented itself, and while a machine gun could have done the work for a tenth of the price, this tactic avoided a drawn out gunfight with any survivors.


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