Warning: Graphic – Deadly CQB In Iraqi Hostage Rescue

first published on October 29, 2015 by

A deadly CQB fight for the life of an Iraqi woman being held hostage.

This video is a testament to the early phases of the war in Iraq. One second you’re gathered around the hood of an Iraqi pick-up, drinking chocolate milk from a box, the next you’re involved in a deadly fight for the lives of the people around you.

Arm-chair-quarterbacks rejoice. Every Call of Duty player will have a comment for every mistake made in this video. Why didn’t they Stack? Why didn’t they flood? Why didn’t they frag? Why didn’t they establish the CCP in the first room? Why are their muzzles down? These guys aren’t aggressive enough. There is no violence of action. If there’s a hostage, why not flash? How did this take so long? Why didn’t they kill the bad guy?

Let’s be clear about something moving forward. CQB is the most dynamic environment the face of warfare has to offer. This video was recorded during the early phases of the Iraq war, when Marines were still used to scouting and patrolling the tree lines, and unaccustomed to the deadly nature of CQB, and MOUT.


When you’re sitting there thinking about how you can tear this video apart, try to put yourself in the shoes of a 20 year old US Marine Infantryman, circa 2003. Your primary focus in life before this deployment was basic, conventional, military operations.

Your team leaders taught you how to wear camouflage paint, and how to patrol through a tree line. Your squad leaders taught you how to load an ambush, and dig in a proper defensive line. Your company emphasized the importance of combined arms in the assault of enemy positions, and the battalion thought the only thing that mattered was your rifle score.