Warning Graphic: Ambush Initiated By Perfect RPG Shot

first published on January 23, 2016 by

A small group of Houthi rebels, operating inside of Saudi Arabia, lay in an ambush for the KSA military conducting routine operations.

Patience and discipline are both required in order for an ambush to go off correctly. You have to wait for the exact right moment to engage, and in that moment you have to succeed. If you fail in the initiation of your ambush, it will ultimately fail.

The footage below is a prime example of an ambush done right. Houthi rebels, who have been waiting in the rocks for who knows how long, line up a perfect RPG shot. Once they attack, the unprepared KSA forces are overwhelmed, and defeated quickly.

Warning:This video contains graphic images and content that maybe not be suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

The initiation phase of an ambush is the most important part of the attack. You are required to get as much of the enemy in your kill box as you can. With the initiation, you have to inflict as much damage as possible. In those early seconds, your operation will succeed or fail.

Ambush Thing

Shock is the deciding factor. If you can effectively surprise your enemy, and immediately make him lose his will to fight, you will be victorious.


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