Warning: Beware Of Falling Objects – EOD Team Fails

first published on December 14, 2015 by

This Iraqi EOD team almost fails hardcore. They strike off a controlled det, but are they standing to close?

At first glance, this improvised EOD team looks like they have the entire situation under control. They have a Daesh compound, full of explosives, and ready to blow. The camera man is in place, because everyone loves explosions, and the man pulling the trigger on the controlled detonation is good to go.

On second thought, maybe they should have a little bit more stand-off.

After reviewing this video more than a few times, I’m actually going to have to hand it to these guys. They look like they absolutely failed in every aspect of ordinance disposal, but lets take a closer look.

First off, I highly doubt these guys are extremely experienced in explosive ordinance disposal. So they get a small amount of slack for that reason alone. Second, take a close look at how they’re touching off the explosives. Seriously, go back to the video and take a close look, if you’re to lazy, here’s a picture.

Team boom

That’s right, he just touched off a controlled det, by touching the leads of the explosive to his truck battery. Since that’s the case in this scenario, I’m also going to go out on a limb and say that they didn’t get the proper stand-off, simply because they didn’t have enough wire to do so.


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