War From The Window In Ukraine – Some Kind Of Ceasefire

first published on February 21, 2017 by

Someone records a sporadic gun fight from their window in Dokuchaevsk, Ukraine. This is an interesting ceasefire to say the least.

Even though there is currently a ceasefire in Ukraine, a citizen of the country records a brief exchange of gunfire in Dokuchaevsk. It is interesting to note, that while the ceasefire is continuously broken at night by these small gunfights, the footage coming out of the region is extremely scarce. This is interesting because we live in a time where the alleged failed military coup of Turkey was televised on Twitter and Facebook in real-time. We live in a time where combat footage coming out of Syria is either live, or being posted in the down time between street to street battles.

In the Ukraine though, we see the polar opposite of this. The entire conflict is hush-hush. Footage coming out of the area either comes at great expense to the soldier who posted it, or from some private citizen recording nothing more than the ambiance of the fighting from their own window. Think about that for a minute while you watch this exchange. What would you do if this were happening in your backyard, and it was illegal to talk about it?


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