War Crime: Regime Helicopters Dropping Chlorine Barrel Bombs

first published on October 26, 2016 by

War Crime: Video evidence shows members of the Assad Regime dropping barrel bombs, filled with chlorine gas, on targets in Al-Lataminah, Syria.

In the past, we have underestimated the Assad Regime, and the Syrian Arab Army. We know they drop barrel bombs on locations that still contain civilians, this in and of itself is a war crime. However, recent video footage has been released that shows the regime using barrel bombs full of chlorine gas.

If you think this isn’t a big deal, you’re wrong. Here’s a quick quote from the 1917 book “Medical Diseases of the War” by Arthur Hurst, M.A., MD (Oxon), FRCP.

The first effect of inhalation of chlorine is a burning pain in the throat and eyes, accompanied by a sensation of suffocation; pain, which may be severe, is felt in the chest, especially behind the sternum. Respiration becomes painful, rapid, and difficult ; coughing occurs, and the irritation of the eyes results in profuse lachrymation. Retching is common and may be followed by vomiting, which gives temporary relief. The lips and mouth are parched and the tongue is covered with a thick dry fur. Severe headache rapidly follows with a feeling of great weakness in the legs; if the patient gives way to this and lies down, he is likely to inhale still more chlorine, as the heavy gas is most concentrated near the ground. In severe poisoning unconsciousness follows; nothing more is known about the cases which prove fatal on the field within the first few hours of the “gassing,” except that the face assumes a pale greenish yellow colour. When a man lives long enough to be admitted into a clearing station, he is conscious, but restless; his face is violet red, and his ears and finger nails blue ; his expression strained and anxious as he gasps for breath; he tries to get relief by sitting up with his head thrown back, or he lies in an exhausted condition, sometimes on his side with his head over the edge of the stretcher in order to help the escape of fluid from the lungs. His skin is cold and his temperature subnormal; the pulse is full and rarely over 100. Respiration is jerky, shallow and rapid, the rate being often over 40 and sometimes even 80 a minute ; all the auxiliary muscles come into play, the chest being over-distended at the height of inspiration and, as in asthma, only slightly less distended in extreme expiration. Frequent and painful coughing occurs and some frothy sputum is brought up. The lungs are less resonant than normal, but not actually dull, and fine riles with occasional rhonchi and harsh but not bronchial breathing are heard, especially over the back and sides.

Doesn’t exactly sound like a walk in the park to me. If this video doesn’t convince you, here’s a few links you can check out about the UN accusing Syria of conducting these actions in the past before there was video evidence of it happening on the battlefield.


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