GoPro: Turkish YPG Volunteers Ambush ISIS In Manbij

first published on September 9, 2016 by

Turkish volunteers for the YPG, otherwise known as the United Freedom Forces, ambush ISIS forces inside of Manbij, Syria, with RPGs, and small arms fire.

Members of the Turkish United Freedom Forces, operating under the overall command of the YPG, conduct a well timed ambush against ISIS forces. They initiate the attack with some well placed small arms fire and an RPG shot to suck them in, and then systematically defeat them with small arms fire. As the Daeshbags advance, they are met with thrown improvised explosive devices, forcing them to retreat and accept a loss.

If you listen closely, you can hear the Daesh-bags shouting in surprise as one of those thrown improvised devices lands directly at their position. Later that night, the UFF force was counter-attacked. It is unclear how that situation played out, but considering this GoPro footage was released to the public with zero propaganda edits from ISIS, we can guess that they also defeated the Daesh counter-attack.


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