Air Force Begins Initiative to Incorporate Virtual Reality Training Systems

first published on February 13, 2019 by

The United States Air Force is beginning new initiatives to incorporate virtual reality training systems into every occupational specialty.

Virtual Reality

Master Sgt. Ryan Stark of the United States Air Force was recently interviewed by a Public Affairs Officer from the 2nd Bomb Wing about his recent incorporation of virtual reality training systems. During the interview, Stark explains how he envisions a future Air Force that is trained in an immersive virtual environment almost exclusively before Airmen ever need to actually operate in the real world. He also states that this new way of training will save the Air Force money through cutting back on the operational costs of putting Airmen into field environments.

If properly funded and implemented, Stark believes that this system could be utilized across the entirety of the Air Force regardless of Air Force Specialty Code. You can view the full interview with Master Sgt. Ryan Stark in the video below from Senior Airman Stuart Bright at 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs in the video below. Let us know what you think of troops moving to virtual training environments back in the comments section on Facebook. What challenges do you think will be presented to service members training in these virtual environments?