Syrian Regime Tank With North Korean Upgrades Violently Destroyed By TOW Missile

first published on April 28, 2017 by

A Syrian Regime tank is struck by members of the Free Idlib Army using a TOW missile. It violently cooks off in spite of North Korean upgrades.

A T-55S is struck by a TOW missile from the Free Idlib Army. In spite of the North Korean upgrades to the T-55S systems and armor, the TOW missile cuts through it like warm butter. It’s almost as if there was no armor on the tank at all.

As the TOW missile explodes on the inside of the tank, vaporizing the crew, the munitions inside of the vehicle cook off violently. If, by some random chance, a single crew member managed to survive the TOW strike itself, it is doubtful that any of them were able to escape the tank before they were cooked alive.