Viking Mechanized Infantry Team Dominate Islamic State Suicide Bomber

first published on April 3, 2018 by

Members of a Norwegian mechanized infantry team dominate an Islamic State suicide bomber in brand new footage released from Norway’s Defense Ministry. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when Vikings meet up with the Islamic State on the field of battle, this video is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. The suicide bomber stands zero chance of getting to his intended target once the viking mechanized infantry team locks onto his position with their machine gun.

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Members of Norway’s Telemark’s battalion, a specialized mechanized infantry unit, battle with Islamic State suicide bombers on a near daily basis as they participate in a large scale offensive against the extremist terror organization. Their mission is to aid the Iraqi Army in advances, and to protect them from suicide bombers with their mounted heavy machine guns. The Norwegian troops also coordinate fire support with artillery and air support units that are aiding in the advance of Iraqi Government forces against the Islamic State. The video at the bottom of this article is the first time the Norwegian Ministry of Defense has released footage of their troops in combat against the Islamic State.

In total, the unit has roughly 70 soldiers conducting operations, and according to radio communications intercepted from the Islamic State, they have been nicknamed “The Dogs on the Hill,” because of their ability stop every Islamic State suicide bomber that attempts to carry out an attack against government forces in their area of operations. A majority of the soldiers from Norway that are operating in Iraq had not seen heavy combat before this deployment, but because of repeated attempts by Islamic State suicide bombers to hit their neighboring Iraqi positions, they are fully battle tested. The Telemark’s Battalion is also accompanied by a number of Norwegian Special Operations units whose size and strength have been not been released for the purpose of operational security.

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“We were thrown into a big offensive no one in Norway was prepared for. We only got a couple of days of preparation before we were sent to the front. There are not so many who have been aware of our role or that Norwegian forces participated in the most intense war actions for many years. We did not anticipate the extent of what we went into. Before we left for the first mission on September 19th, it was an excited and busy mood. We were in war.” said Terje Bru√łygard, the chief Executive Officer for the Telemark’s Mechanized Infantry Battalion operating in Iraq against the Islamic State.

As operations against the Islamic State in Iraq begin to dwindle, we expect more and more footage from countries that participated to start being released. We will continue to gather as much of that footage as possible, and to put it here on Funker530 where it is safe from corporate overlords who would like nothing more than to begin writing the history of the world through their algorithms. If you would like to read the full context of the footage below, you can do at this link. In order to read it in English, open it in Google Chrome, and select “Translate this page,” for a near perfect translation from Norwegian to English. If you would like to support Funker530 in this effort, consider tossing us a little cash on Patreon.


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