Answering Viewer Comments About The Insane Grenade Attack

first published on October 29, 2017 by

Just days ago we published a video and analysis of a recent HPG grenade attack on a Turkish military outpost in Iraq. The video triggered serious discussion and we thought it necessary to revisit the content and address some of the most engaged comments.


“This is the sort of thing you see in video games like Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty… What stuns me is… I never expected this to happen in real life. GRENADE SPAM in Real life!”

Response: This type of comment is commonly seen in our comments section regarding combat footage. Anyone who has ever been to combat has probably been asked the incredulous question “Is combat like Call of Duty?” The obvious and only polite answer to that is “No.” You riding your couch, chugging soda, and playing video games is in no way comparable to actual combat. However, the game depicts combat, so there are obviously going to fundamentals that carry over in that depiction. Art imitates life. War games imitate war. It’s not the other way around. Fundamentals like flanking, using cover, suppressing fire, and communication are staples of successful combat operations. We didn’t learn those from your favorite video game… your favorite video game borrowed those ideas. In this instance, “Grenade Spam” is the obvious method of initiating the kinetic portion of this offensive operation. The enemy is mostly unseen in a defendable position, and in any ambush you want to initiate with your “killin-est” weapon. Why expose yourself with precision rifles when you can hit from behind cover with an area weapon. These guys have grenades. Throw them now before the enemy has a chance to hide behind cover and mitigate their effectiveness. I think there’s an issue in comprehending situations based on your previous experience (or lack of experience) regarding a topic. In this instance, OP thinks this raid looks like something from a video game (with which he has experience) instead of actual combat (of Which he has little to no experience).


“Literally the worst perimeter security I have ever seen… guys the fights the other way !!!”

Response: Indeed. Maybe not the worst I have ever seen because at least one of them was awake, but terrible, for sure. We won’t go too far down down the rabbit hole of Turkey’s membership in NATO, but let’s just say, although they have a massive defense budget and a military that visually appears to be Westernized… their actual execution of military duties and responsibilities closer resembles that of the incompetent standing armies of the Middle East. An actual Western military would know that security is number one, and even a foley corporal or buck sergeant would be ensuring that the outpost had multiple sentries on duty, scanning overlapping sectors of fire. This video is extremely educational in that it shows the results of poor leadership, lack of discipline, and no training.


“Pardon my ignorance. Anyone wanna give me a non biased breif on who the HPG is and why they’re fighting turkey?…”

Response: The HPG is the militant arm of the PKK, a Kurdish separatist political party originating in southern Turkey. The PKK’s political views are communist in nature, but when compared to Turkey’s thinly veiled Islamist dictatorship… you may find yourself in a choosing the “lesser of two evils” situation. The Kurds are a stateless ethnicity spread across Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Turkey. There are several diverse factions, sects, and tribes of Kurds that are not unified.

Again, this is a discussion article based on the original post showing a grenade attack and assault that reportedly took place on October 22, 2018 on Hill Lelikan in the Sidekan region. The HPG claims to have killed a Turkish lieutenant in the fight.


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