Watch: Russian Troops Move Into Nagorno-Karabakh To Enforce Peace Deal

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Published Nov. 11, 2020

Videos circulating on social media reportedly show Russian troops moving into the Nagorno-Karabakh region to enforce the recent Russia-brokered peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that almost 2,000 Russian soldiers are deploying to the region to ensure that the requirements of the peace deal are kept and so that new fighting doesn't break out.

The points of the deal show an expected victory for Azerbaijan, with Armenia being required to cede held territory. The peace deal has caused celebrations in Azerbaijan and protests in Armenia.

Some key points from the peace deal are as follows: Armenia will hand over the Aghdam, Kelbajar, and Lachin regions to Azerbaijan by the end of the month. The ~2,000 Russian troops, ~100 Russian armored vehicles, and additional vehicles and "special equipment" will occupy the region for at least five years. Prisoners of war and fallen troops will be returned to their host nation.



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