Real Life Cold Blooded Perk: Indians Record Pakistan Using Thermal Camo In Raid

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Published Nov. 19, 2020

A video narrated by an Indian soldiers shows thermal security footage from a Pakistani raid against an Indian checkpoint in which the Pakistani soldier is wearing some sort of thermal camouflage that completely hides his heat signature. Cold Blooded.

It's not clear from the video or supporting dialogue what gear was being employed by the Pakistan military. Technological advances have been made with wearable thermal camo. Certain devices have been designed using thermometers to monitor the ambient temperature around the wearer, while a wearable thermal electric fabric changes the temperature to match, thus making the wearer indiscernible to a thermal imaging camera.

However, people have been successfully hiding from thermal imaging for years with the aid of cheap mylar "space blankets" which keep the wearer's heat contained. Though, the mylar is highly reflective and would have made the Pakistani attackers look like aggressive baked potatoes to the naked eye.



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