Video: Yemenis Sink Warship With Missiles, Pound USA Inhabited Base

first published on October 13, 2016 by

Yemenis of the Houthi rebel-allied Republican Guard have carried out multiple missile attacks on US warships, a Saudi airbase where US troops are stationed, and even managed to destroy a UAE Navy HSV-2 Swift ship.

The following video shows the successful Houthi attack on the United Arab Emirate naval vessel, which becomes engulfed in flames.

In addition to the UAE ship, the Houthis also attempted multiple attacks against US naval vessels in the region as well. The US ships were reportedly unharmed. The rebels also launched cruise missiles into the King Fahd Air Base near the Saudi city of Taif. The base is inhabited by US military personnel. At first, the Saudis claimed the cruise missiles were ineffective, but the following video shows that the attack resulted in multiple secondary explosions, suggesting that a fuel or ammunition depot was hit.

In response to the attacks, the US Navy claims to have targeted and destroyed three Houthi controlled radar sites in Yemen. The violent response by the US then prompted Iran to deploy two warships of their own to the Gulf of Aden, further escalating hostilities in the critical shipping route. The following video shows the USS Nitze (DDG 94) firing the Tomahawk cruise missiles that destroyed the Houthi coastal radar sites.


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