Video: Suicide Blast Reportedly Kills 58 Turkish Troops

first published on October 26, 2016 by

A Kurdish rebel suicide blast in Turkey has killed 58 Turkish troops, or at least that’s the count according to the pro-Kurdish separatist Civil Defence Units’ twitter feed. That number was denied by the Turkish government, saying 10 troops were killed and another eight wounded. However, there were at least two Kobra armored trucks and what looks like a BTR-80 armored personnel carrier present. One could assume that their crews were present at the target at the time of the blast. Plus there were multiple other support type vehicles operating in close proximity as well. Yet, without knowing the purpose of those buildings, and if they were occupied barracks, it’s impossible to rule the figure out.

The HPG insurgent took a page out of the jihadist handbook and used a lone driver to infiltrate the Turkish military perimeter with a regularly-used work truck that wouldn’t seem out of place or suspicious. The tactic, although without honor, was effective in reducing the entire checkpoint and surrounding buildings to rubble.


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