Video Shows How Stupid The War In Syria Has Gotten

first published on November 18, 2015 by

This video, highlighted in a recent Washington Post piece, demonstrates how badly the U.S. politicians have bungled the Iraq/Syrian conflict.


The video, made and posted by a Free Syrian Army media wing, shows a so-called “moderate” rebel using an American made TOW missile to destroy an American made Humvee, which is ridiculous in itself, but it gets dumber.

The video doesn’t explain who was operating the Humvee when it was destroyed, but there’s really two options. The first option being the Islamic State, which would mean that it most likely came from the time 30,000 Iraqi troops fled Mosul and surrendered to an ISIS force that was a fraction of the size. That’s definitely embarrassing for the Iraqi Army, but it goes back further than that to 2011 when President Obama, against all military advisement by top brass, pulled our troops out and handed control back over to indigenous forces as a campaign stunt to get reelected. The Iraqis weren’t ready. We knew. We did it anyway.


The second option is a real mind-blower. It’s very possible that the Humvee belonged to an Iranian-led Shia militia group out of Iraq. We issued weapons, tanks, and other armored vehicles like these Humvees to these militia groups (who were our enemy not too long ago) to fight against ISIS in Iraq. Now these Iraqi based, Iranian-led, Shia armies are crossing over into Syria to support President Assad in his fight against the rebels we are currently arming to take down Assad.

The strategy, to me, appears to be tying up loose ends by making more loose ends. It’s like paying off credit cards with more credit cards.