Video: Oregon Occupier Shot To Death By Law Enforcement

first published on January 29, 2016 by

The FBI has released aerial video footage showing law enforcement officers shooting dead Malheur National Wildlife Refuge protestor Robert “LaVoy” Finicum after a car chase in Oregon on Tuesday.


The video allegedly shows Finicum’s truck stopped by law enforcement, but then appears to make a run for it. After a vehicular pursuit of undetermined length, the protestors’ pickup nears a law enforcement roadblock and tries to drive around it, going off the road and getting stuck in the snow. As the truck attempted to avoid the roadblock, it appears that an officer tries to get in front of the speeding vehicle, nearly getting himself killed.

In the next instance, Finicum can be seen exiting the driver’s door and stepping away from the truck. No audio is available to reveal the commands he was being given by the officers at this time. He has his hands up, but then return to his waistline, and repeats that movement around three times before an officer comes out of the woods behind him and shoots him in the back. He falls to the snow, and the officers turn their attention to the pickup. The video finishes with what appears to be some sort of less-lethal disorientation grenade or device being used on the suspect vehicle.

Police are reporting that Finicum had a handgun on him at the time, and two rifles and an additional handgun were recovered from the vehicle.

The two Bundy brothers, including Ammon, the supposed leader of the ongoing Oregon standoff, were taken into custody by law enforcement during the event.


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